Should I buy travel insurance? Do you know that there are 1001 reasons why you should purchase travel insurance in Singapore? When you get to know them, you will realize it’s the most logical thing to do.

  1. It keeps you secure when you lose your luggage.

For some strange reason, you happen to not get your luggage on time. It may be transported to another place. You can use the cheapest travel insurance in Singapore to cover these things for you.

  1. You have to change your travelling plans.

You need to cancel a flight or you have to extend your stay. Regardless, changing travel plans means additional expense. Paying extra fees is not a case when you have travel insurance.

  1. You are sick.

Vaccinations don’t guarantee a healthy travel. You can utilize the insurance when you need to be transported to a more equipped hospital or pay up your medications and treatments.

  1. Someone else is sick.

Here’s another answer to your question — “Should I buy travel insurance?” One of your family members may have contracted flu or suffered an injury. You can make use of your insurance to cover the costs. You don’t have to stretch your already shoestring travel budget.

  1. You no longer have your ticket.

With travel insurance, you don’t need to spend additional money for the ticket you’ve lost. Nevertheless, it’s important you can check beforehand if the insurance covers lost tickets. Not everyone does.

  1. You don’t want issues with health care coverage.

You cannot rely on Medicare if you’re traveling abroad. The insurance policy of your friends and family may also not be honored in the United States. In both cases, you can count on the travel insurance to take care of your health-care needs.

  1. You’re stuck.

The travel insurance company can reimburse you for every hour your flight is delayed. However, this is usually up to 12 hours only. You can also make use of the travel insurance to take care of your hotel or room accommodation.

  1. The travelling agency goes burst.

Say you’ve already booked a flight and ready to go in a few weeks only to discover your agent has just filed for bankruptcy. As long as you have the travel insurance, you can have your money back.

  1. You want to secure your family.

Flying is the safest mode of transport, but that doesn’t mean it cannot cause death. If you’re the breadwinner of the family, it’s best to have travel insurance every time you fly.

  1. You just don’t know what’s going to happen.

It may turn out you’re trapped in the middle of a huge hurricane or the conference has been cancelled or there’s death in the family. All these may make you stay longer or shorter than expected. With a good travel insurance coverage, you can recoup as much as 75 percent of your total prepaid expenses.

Should I buy travel insurance? How much will it cost? The good news is, travel insurance in Singapore can be very cheap.  Sometimes, you may get it for free from your credit card company or at a very low cost from your travel website. Your travel agency may also offer it for no more than $30.