Getting travel insurance in Singapore is a good way to have a peace of mind, especially when you’re taking a trip. It stops you from worrying about unexpected incidents during your vacation. This way, you really can enjoy your holiday. Travel insurance should be a priority for every traveller.

These are the two most frequently asked questions about travel insurance Singapore residents usually wonder about.

When should you buy travel insurance?

The moment you buy your ticket, that’s when!  There are several coverages that you’ll miss if you don’t get travel insurance upon booking your ticket. These include protection against the bankruptcy of your tour operator, cruise, or airline company, and the coverage of pre-existing health conditions.  Just make sure that you book at least 15 days before your departure.

How do you get the most out of travel insurance in Singapore?

There are several options in getting travel insurance. However, it is easy to get lost in the paperwork.  Do not be overwhelmed by this, instead read the tips below:

Know what you need.

Know what types of coverage you would need and whether this would fit your budget or not.  Strike a balance between premiums and coverage.  The cheapest may not necessarily be the best if there is a long list of exclusions attached to it.

Single Trip vs. Annual Plan.

If you travel frequently, or you have plans to break up a six-month vacation, you can save a lot of money if you’ll avail an annual or multi-trip plan.

Be honest.

Do not hide a medical condition.  If you lie about it, you may not be qualified to file a claim when you need it.  Be honest and tell your insurance agent if you’re taking special medications, having periodic consultations with a doctor, took a recent surgery, or if you’re lately hospitalized.

Buy travel insurance online.

It might be a good choice for you to buy your travel insurance using the World Wide Web.  This is because a lot of Web sites allow you to compare different plans from different insurers, and not just in terms of price but also of coverage.  Using the Internet, you could also read more about the providers and their travel insurance plans, without leaving your home.

Knowing these points can help you get the most out of travel insurance in Singapore, not only by helping you get the cheapest premium, but also ensuring adequate cover.