Should I buy travel insurance today? Well, yes, you have to, especially if you value convenience, security, and comfort. Whether you are looking at NTUC income travel insurance, Liberty tourcare or RSA travel insurance, however, several buyers make mistakes of doing so.

To avoid these issues, here are some tips you have to keep in mind when you buy travel insurance online:

  1. Check for medical assistance.

One of the biggest problems you’re going to meet when traveling is medical emergency. You have to make sure the travel insurance can help you during medical evacuation or availing services (such as medication and treatment).

  1. Determine your financial standing.

If you are financially solvent regardless of what’s going to happen during your travel, then by all means save money by skipping on a travel insurance policy.

  1. Read the fine print.

Be it is Chartis Travel Guard or NTUC travel insurance offers the cheaper travel policy, don’t forget to read and understand the terms and conditions of the coverage. There’s no use in getting the cheapest travel insurance in Singapore when it’s so limited. It’s also redundant when the benefits are already covered by your other insurance policies. It definitely helps too if you’ll ask many questions as you can about the coverage before you pay for the premium.

  1. Be open to buy it elsewhere.

Your agent or the airline customer support may convince you to obtain the travel insurance coverage from them. Though this is convenient, it helps if you will also consider getting this from another source. Your insurance coverage disappears together with the company if it goes bankrupt. Moreover, you’ll discover that some businesses can actually offer you with much cheaper options.

  1. Determine how often you travel.

You can save money when you buy travel insurance online by identifying how many times you travel. If you don’t travel often, there’s no use in getting an annual or multi-trip policies.

Since it’s definitely essential, you should remember the customer support number. You don’t know when you’re going to call them. Most of all, the travel insurance can be good for a certain period only. If you have to shorten or lengthen your trip, you need to make some period adjustments. This will cost you more, but it’s a whole lot better than not being able to buy travel insurance online.