Bahrain is a common destination for people who simply want to escape their boring and demanding daily routine even just for a few days. We can’t blame them since this country is teeming with wonderful attractions that are worth exploring and an interesting culture built by joyful and hospitable natives. Aside from your Bahrain evisa and travel necessities,

it’s important to choose a complete and comfortable accommodation to guarantee that you’ll bring back nothing but beautiful memories. If you are clueless as to which of the many hotels in Bahrain to pick, read further and learn more about the options available.

Ritz Carlton Bahrain Hotel and Spa

The Ritz Carlton Bahrain Hotel and Spa is very favorable for tourists not just because of its world-class amenities but mainly for its strategic location. It is located on Manama Bay and just a few minutes away from the airport and city center where resorts, restaurants, wellness centers, and various water rides are available. If you don’t mind spending more for luxury while being given the chance to experience the best of Bahrain, this hotel will surely exceed your expectations.

Gulf Hotel Bahrain

This famous five-star hotel has been in the business for more than 40 years now. But don’t get this fact wrong since their amenities are far from being old. In fact, the Gulf Hotel Bahrain is known for their high-end services and world-class rooms. They offer 21 venues that cover 4,780 square meters of space and a Gulf Convention Center which is perfect for company retreats and family gatherings.

InterContinental Bahrain

Have you had enough with hotels that seem to torture their guests with silence and do not have any clue about hospitality? If this is the case, no other hotel in Bahrain can guarantee that you won’t have this awful experience again other than the InterContinental Bahrain. This hotel is not just home to complete amenities and leisure facilities but they also serve mouthwatering cuisines that are native in Bahrain. They successfully built an environment that can easily induce relaxation to their guests while making it certain that they won’t feel away from home and alone. Whether it’s for a business trip or a holiday vacation with the whole family, staying in this hotel is definitely a choice you won’t regret.

Mashtan Bahrain Hotel

Are you searching for a place to stay in Bahrain that is close to clubs and restaurants? Is spending a bit more to satisfy your comfort needs not an issue? You should consider Mashtan Bahrain Hotel which is located almost at the center of Bahrain thus making it a great option for travelers who want to totally explore every corner of this beautiful country. Every room in this hotel has an A/C and cable TV and is spacious enough for you to stay comfortable and relaxed. This hotel also has a cafe and three night clubs:

Cafe Vienna: This cafe offers refreshments and delicious treats that are quite affordable.

Monte Carlo: It’s a place built for fun with live DJ performance every night.

Fantasy Bar: This is the best destination to have a great time with your travel mates or to meet new friends.

Zizinia Night club : This club stands out due to its nightly live performance featuring famous local and international artists.

This hotel was just recently built so expect all its amenities to look and feel brand new. It also has the nicest hotel employees in Bahrain who are more than willing to assist you whatever your concern might be.